Retrospective 2014

Identity, Video, Animation

Each year the senior Bachelor of Fine Arts students from the School of Visual Communication Design at Kent State University holds a senior exhibition to celebrate the student work of the past 4 years. As part of the exhibition team, I collaborated with others to create a visual identity, promotional video, and exhibit design.

Concept in collaboration with Joe Wathen and Lauren Haas. Pattern animation by Alexander Kurr. Video work in collaboration with Joe Wathen and Alexander Kurr. Visual identity in collaboration with Joe Wathen and Joe Thoma. Postcard design by Adi McCullough. Website design with animated GIFS by Jamie Lefevre. Exhibit setup up in collaboration with Quintin Steele, Joe Wathen, Lauren Haas, Joe Thoma, Jamie Lefevre, Gina LaRocca, Shelby Muter, and others from the senior class. Visit for more information.