Mapping May 4 · 2020

In May 1970 at Kent State University, four students were killed and nine were wounded during a non-violent protest against the Vietnam War. Mapping May 4 is a web application that draws from the oral histories in the May 4 Collection, Kent State Special Collections & Archives. It maps stories from those histories that describe memories of events at a particular place in Kent between May 1st and May 5th, 1970. It is designed to serve as a digital memorial, to remember and honor these events. Created with the Each+Every team.

Armed with Our Voices · 2020

An adaptable pop-up exhibit experience that encourages visitors to explore the history of May 4th, student protest, and the timely themes of peace and conflict transformation. Created with the Each+Every team.


Traveling Stanzas · 2020

Ongoing brand, exhibit, print, web, and app design for Traveling Stanzas, an award-winning poetry outreach project from the Wick Poetry Center at Kent State University. Created with the Each+Every team.


Global Peace Poem · 2019

Website design for a global community poem in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Kent State University’s May 4 shootings. Created with the Each+Every team.

Post Brand · 2018

Naming, brand strategy + identity for a coworking space focused on supporting Kent’s professional and creative culture with flexible work environments. Created with the Each+Every team.


Place Into Words Exhibition · 2017

Place Into Words was originally produced as a part of Kent State University's School of Visual Communication Design MFA Exhibition titled "Surveys: A Design Exhibition Immersed In The Journey Between Earth and Mars." The installations were inspired by NASA's Orion program in hopes to inspire, provoke, and stir a sense of curiosity and wonder surrounding space travel.

The archival collage juxtaposes images of earth and mars over multiple millennial perspectives of the most beautiful place on earth.

Music mixed and produced by Alan Walker.
Video produced by Alex Catanese.
Projections, audio recordings, and concept in collaboration with Jordan Kauffman.


Interpreting Gwendolyn Brooks · 2017

Interpreting Brooks explores the messiness of multiple interpretations, and the banning of the poem “We Real Cool,” written by Gwendolyn Brooks in 1963. This project was given a Commendation Award by the International Society of Typographic Designers.


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